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Gerold Permoser am 19th March 2018

Financial Markets Monitor: we have stepped up the risk of our asset allocation by a notch

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On 14 March our Investment Committee met, and as always, we started out on a discussion of our risk stance, i.e. our risk assessment. From my point of view, four findings of the discussion are worth bringing up here:

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Harald Egger am 15th March 2018

Equity returns and dividends: it depends on the market phase

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To most people, the notion of the performance of shares relates to changes in the share price. This does not take into account the second component of return, i.e. the dividend. Simply looking at the share price development seems too one-sided to me. After all, dividends may account for up to a third of total return, as is the case for example for the shares listed on the Vienna stock exchange. However, shares with strong dividends do not generate the highest total return in every phase of the market.

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Peter Szopo am 02nd March 2018

Equity investors’ interest rate fears may be overblown

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Fears of rising interest rates are back. Was the recent 9% correction in global equities just a market blip, amplified by technical factors related to the trading of volatility products? Or something more serious – a regime shift signalling the end of the equity bull market as many have argued?

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Gabriela Tinti am 07th July 2017

China makes A-shares accessible to the global market


China has been increasingly opening up to the global market. Last year the Renminbi was taken into the currency basket of the International Monetary Fund in October 2016. Now, another step towards liberalisation has followed. China has cleared A-shares for international trade via trading platforms.

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Johann Griener am 27th June 2017

Financial know-how – this is how an equity fund works


Shares (equities) and equity funds – the same or not?

Only a small minority of Austrians invest directly or indirectly (via equity funds) in shares. Is it the fear of losses or the lack of knowledge about this asset class that make investors shy away from it? In this blog entry, I would like to give you an overview of the features of shares and equity funds.

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