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Gerold Permoser am 19th March 2018

Financial Markets Monitor: we have stepped up the risk of our asset allocation by a notch

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On 14 March our Investment Committee met, and as always, we started out on a discussion of our risk stance, i.e. our risk assessment. From my point of view, four findings of the discussion are worth bringing up here:

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Gerold Permoser am 22nd February 2018

Market Monitor: After the market correction, confidence outweighs

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„If you’re going through hell, keep going!”
Sir Winston Spencer Churchill


The year 2018 had started on such a promising note – is what we all were thinking. But at the beginning of February, the market taught us a lesson. As a result, the discussions at our first Investment Committee of the year at the beginning of February were interesting ones.

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Gast-AutorIn / Guest Author am 16th October 2017

Dividend shares with new momentum

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Author: Dieter Kerschbaum, Communications Specialist Österreich


Half a year ago we launched a new equity fund, which offers an investment opportunity in global equities with a stable dividend yield above market average. At the same time, we take into account criteria of sustainability as well as social and ethical criteria in the stock picking process. We spoke with Alexander Sikora-Sickl, who is responsible for the investment process, about the performance since the launch of the fund and about the environment for dividend shares.

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