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Gabriela Tinti
Gabriela Tinti has been with the equity team of Erste Asset Management/ERSTE-SPARINVEST as senior fund manager since 2008. She focuses on companies from the global emerging markets and on property companies. Gabriela Tinti has worked in finance since 1988. At the beginning of her career, she was with a commercial bank, where she gained a wide range of experience in capital markets, retail and institutional banking, international finance, and corporate finance. In 2002 she moved to the asset management industry.
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Gabriela Tinti am 28th September 2017

Urbanisation in Asia: challenge and opportunity


Asia’s cities are growing and growing, presenting the urban infrastructure with great challenges. Thanks to technical progress, the relevance of environmentally friendly transport solutions is on the rise. Investors can benefit from this trend, as Gabriela Tinti points out in an op-ed article for the magazine “Global Investor”.

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Gabriela Tinti am 07th July 2017

China makes A-shares accessible to the global market


China has been increasingly opening up to the global market. Last year the Renminbi was taken into the currency basket of the International Monetary Fund in October 2016. Now, another step towards liberalisation has followed. China has cleared A-shares for international trade via trading platforms.

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Gabriela Tinti am 03rd March 2017

Equity performance: focus on emerging markets

The stock exchanges in the emerging economies and their performances have fallen short of expectations in recent years. Speculations about the weakening economy of China, the decline of commodity prices, and an appreciating US dollar have had a detrimental effect on emerging markets. However, the trust of investors in these markets has been making a comeback since 2016. In spite of Donald Trump’s election victory and the fear of a US policy of protectionism, the emerging economies are currently outperforming the developed ones.

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Gabriela Tinti am 12th December 2016

High dividends with real estate funds

(c) Fotolia

Authors:Gabriela Tinti (Senior Fondsmanagerin Aktien Schwellenländer)
Stephanie Clam Martinic (Senior Fund Manager Multi Asset Management) and Gabriela Tinti (Senior Fund Manager Equities Emerging Markets)

In spite of the increase in prices, the interest in real estate is unwaning

In view of the current level of real estate prices, direct real estate investments are hardly affordable anymore for private investors. The purchase of real estate requires substantial equity at the outset, which for the investors is associated with high risk. In addition, incidentals and administrative costs for the construction and maintenance of the construction project are a burden. Whoever wants to buy real estate, should also have the necessary know-how in the field, because any two properties are never the same. An alternative solution to participate in the rising value of real estate is to invest in real estate funds.Read more
Gabriela Tinti am 08th August 2016

Brazilian equities are in demand


Brazil is locked into a severe recession in 2016, the year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. After negative growth of 2.5% last year, the economy will be shrinking by more than 3% in 2016. Political crises and corruption scandals in connection with the oil company Petrobras have badly affected the country. But still, the country, shaken by crisis, is in strong demand from investors.

The importance of Brazil has declined

Especially in the equity segment, the relevance of Brazil has declined in recent years. A few years ago the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) were hugely popular among investors. Mismanagement and the unfavourable development of international commodity exchanges have eaten into the weighting of Brazil in the global …

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