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Harald Egger am 15th March 2018

Equity returns and dividends: it depends on the market phase

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To most people, the notion of the performance of shares relates to changes in the share price. This does not take into account the second component of return, i.e. the dividend. Simply looking at the share price development seems too one-sided to me. After all, dividends may account for up to a third of total return, as is the case for example for the shares listed on the Vienna stock exchange. However, shares with strong dividends do not generate the highest total return in every phase of the market.

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Gast-AutorIn / Guest Author am 15th September 2017

European bank shares picking up

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Autor: Tamas Menyhart, Fund Manager Equities, Erste Asset Management


After years of drought, European bank shares have shown a solid performance in the year to date. Read more
Gerold Permoser am 12th September 2017

Sustainability? Possibly more important than you might think!

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I have recently read an interesting research report by one of our independent research partners, Gavekal Research. Gavekal Research is based in Hong Kong, and one of its strengths is its deep knowledge of the Asian market. The piece titled “Good Governance, Poor Performance” discusses good corporate governance. This is a central pillar of traditional as well as sustainable investment.

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Peter Szopo am 30th November 2016

Is there a potential for a year-end rally in stocks?

From a technical point of view, the concept of a “year-end rally” is a myth. At least, this is what empirical evidence is telling us. In the past 10 years, the S&P 500, for example, posted a December performance, on average, of 1.12%, making December only the 5th-best month of the year (Fig.1). Over the entire period – from 2006 to 2015 – there was not a single year, in which December was the best performing month.

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