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Paul Severin am 09th December 2016

The EU has the chance to make the seed legislation fit for the future


ARCHE NOAH was founded 26 years ago. The careful, protective handling of seeds and the protection of the diversity of agricultural crop has been the focus of the charitable association ever since. More than 15,000 members, patrons, and partners who invest money and ideas in the mission of maintaining the diversity of agricultural crop support ARCHE NOAH.

How does ARCHE NOAH see the issue genetically modified organisms and patents on food and seeds?

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Paul Severin am 21st September 2016

Patents in the food industry


In many people’s opinion, green gene technology is the only option to solve the problem of food security. The seeds market is dominated by a handful of companies and this development has been exacerbated by the increase in patents on seeds and grains. This raises the question of whether the basic idea of patents, which are supposed to promote innovation and inventions, make sense in connection with food.

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