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Gerold Permoser am 24th August 2015

Does dialogue make sense?


Gerold Permoser, Chief Sustainable Investment Officer at Erste Asset Management, finds a perfectly clear answer to this: When investors communicate with companies (both investable and not), this dialogue will lead to improvements. The publicity that might follow does not harm, either.
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Paul Severin am 05th August 2015

En|ga|ge|ment – Chief Sustainable Investment Officer Gerold Permoser embarks on an etymological journey


Being our Chief Sustainable Investment Officer, Gerold Permoser is responsible for all Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investments of Erste Asset Management. In our magazine ERSTE RESPONSIBLE RETURN he tells how a dreaded French exam did not go “perdu”, what Engagement means exactly and why it pays off for companies and investors.

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Paul Severin am 08th July 2015

Dialogue is worthwhile – An example of Erste Asset Management’s Engagement

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Engagement means that investors enter into a dialogue with companies, aiming to persuade them to act more responsibly. This can be a long and tedious process, but this kind of communication is certainly worthwhile.

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Paul Severin am 03rd July 2015

Social responsibility and transparency: can investors influence companies?

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The bribery scandal at FIFA has shown what huge reputations risks companies may face if they do business with partners that do not care about environmental, social, and corporate governance standards (ESG). The discussion about ESG has therefore gained in importance over the past months. The investors play an important part in this context, as they can themselves nudge companies towards social responsibility and transparency. Gerold Permoser, Chief Investment Officer of Erste Asset Management (EAM) in Vienna explains why the so-called engagement is important.

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