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Harald Egger am 31st May 2016

How stock ratios can help build a sector-strategy portfolio (part 2)


In the first part of our sector analysis we explained and examined numerous stock ratios. In this part, we want to have a look at how these ratios can inform strategic considerations and what insights can be gained for the composition of an attractive sector-strategy portfolio.

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Paul Severin am 25th May 2016

Yield opportunities of East European bonds still intact


An interview with Anton Hauser, senior fund manager ERSTE BOND DANUBIA, about the yield opportunities of East European bonds.

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Harald Egger am 20th May 2016

What ratios are relevant in the selection of equity sectors?

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Shares (equities) are classified, among other criteria, according to sectors, e.g. healthcare, consumer goods, energy etc. Shareholders pursue different approaches when it comes to the classification process. In this report we follow the methodology of MSCI, a US financial service provider that offers international equity indices and risk analyses.
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Gerhard Winzer am 06th May 2016

Default risk preferred


Equities have recovered from their beginning-of-year slump, and bonds, especially corporate and emerging markets, have recorded impressive gains. The loosening of the monetary environment in China and the continuation of the loose monetary policy in the USA have reduced the risk aversion of investors. In terms of asset allocation, we generally prefer default risk. Equities remain underweighted.

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