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Paul Severin am 20th March 2017

How sustainable are batteries?


A growing number of devices do not need a constant connection to the power grid anymore and therefore allow a mobile usage. Batteries ensure that power is available regardless of its time and place of production. In a world that does not work without energy we need storage units that can provide large amounts of energy. However, every solution to this problem comes with a price tag, also in terms of sustainability.

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Paul Severin am 14th December 2016

Toys: A happy Christmess!

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At Christmas, gifts have become tradition. For all those with children, toys are among the most popular Christmas presents.

However, a look into history reveals that Christmas and presents have not always gone together. Meanwhile, the toy industry has long since become a huge business.

Reason enough to scrutinize toy manufacturers in terms of sustainability. Our sustainability experts are addressing this issue in the current sustainability magazine.
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Paul Severin am 09th December 2016

The EU has the chance to make the seed legislation fit for the future


ARCHE NOAH was founded 26 years ago. The careful, protective handling of seeds and the protection of the diversity of agricultural crop has been the focus of the charitable association ever since. More than 15,000 members, patrons, and partners who invest money and ideas in the mission of maintaining the diversity of agricultural crop support ARCHE NOAH.

How does ARCHE NOAH see the issue genetically modified organisms and patents on food and seeds?

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Gerold Permoser am 13th October 2016

Erste Asset Management bans coal mines from all mutual funds


Erste Asset Management (EAM) has excluded companies that derive more than 30% of sales from coal mining from its mutual funds. In doing so, EAM is one of the first asset managers to have taken this step. “This was the next logical step for us, having excluded coal mining from our sustainable funds at the beginning of the year,” as Heinz Bednar, CEO of Erste Asset Management, explains.

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Paul Severin am 21st September 2016

Patents in the food industry


In many people’s opinion, green gene technology is the only option to solve the problem of food security. The seeds market is dominated by a handful of companies and this development has been exacerbated by the increase in patents on seeds and grains. This raises the question of whether the basic idea of patents, which are supposed to promote innovation and inventions, make sense in connection with food.

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Paul Severin am 16th August 2016

Emerging markets bonds: “Responsibility and growth are not mutually exclusive”


The global, sustainable corporate bond fund ERSTE RESPONSIBLE BOND EMERGING CORPORATE has clearly passed the threshold of EUR 100mn of assets under management. A perfect occasion to take stock. Christian Schön, member of the board of directors of Erste Asset Management, explains what role sustainable investments play in emerging markets, especially in the corporate bond segment.

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Paul Severin am 25th July 2016

Together against grievances in cacao cultivation


Every European consumes an average of 5.2kg of chocolate per year. While demand keeps rising, climate change and social problems in connection with the main ingredient, cacao, represent a clear challenge. Erste Asset Management is part of the initiative “CocoaAction”, a worldwide group of investors who are committed to the sustainable production and improved working conditions and standard of living of cacao farmers and their families. In this interview, Stefan Rößler, ESG investment analyst with Erste Asset Management, tells us what this initiative is all about and how it fights deficiencies and grievances in cacao production.

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Paul Severin am 05th July 2016

Coal: a win-win story


„For a long time, coal and oil were pretty much my life” says Gerold Permoser, Chief investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Sustainable Officer (CSIO) of Erste Asset Management.
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Paul Severin am 27th June 2016

“Coal – harmful, unprofitable, and replaceable“


James Watt not only gave the physical unit for power its name, he also heralded the age of coal and hydrocarbon in the middle of the 18th century by improving and spreading the use of the steam engine. Today, almost 250 years later, we can see a change, even a reversal. Coal divestments, i.e. the outflow of capital from coal investments, have turned into a movement. A prominent example is the Rockefeller Foundation, which announced that it was going to withdraw completely from coal. And the intentions of the power plant operators E.ON and RWE, which want to get rid of its carbon legacy, also show that coal is currently on the way out. Stefan Rößler, ESG analyst with Erste Asset Management, explains why in the long run a withdrawal from coal is unavoidable.

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Paul Severin am 20th April 2016

Mega trend environmental technology


The global population will reach 10 billion people by 2100, with masses streaming into the cities. The environmental problems are becoming more challenging as we speak due to the exploitation of raw materials and the climate change, which has manifested itself via ever more frequent freak weather events. The call for the cautious handling of resources has become more insistent.

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