Responsible investment universe

Responsible investment universe
Responsible investment universe
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The definition of the investment universe is the most important step in the construction of a fund

AdmittedDecember 2017 – February 2018

NIBC Bank N.V.  (Sector: Banks), EAM ESG rating 03/2018 of B-, is a Dutch bank that specialises in advisory, individually structured finance, and equity solutions. Among its clients are SMEs, financial institutions, institutional investors and others in North and Western Europe.

  • 😊 Signing of the Equator Principles, a voluntary regulatory framework of banks that calls for compliance with environmental and social standards in the area of project finance, in November 2010
  • 😊 Strict and comprehensive environmental and social guidelines for the credit check process and/or investment banking activities for business clients and public corporate bodies
  • 😊 Comprehensive, sector-specific guidelines for environmental and social credit
  • 😊 Numerous offers for employees to optimise the work/life balance

Sunrun Inc. (sector: Electrical Components & Equipment), EAM ESG rating 03/2018 of B-, is among the leading providers and installers of photovoltaics roof systems and storage systems for consumers in the USA.

  • 😊 100% of sales generated by the development and installation of solar systems for retail end customers
  • 😊 Anti-corruption guideline applies to all employees
  • 😢 No or very little reporting on social and ethical aspects
  • 😢 No sustainability reporting


Canon Inc. (sector: Technology Hardware), EAM ESG rating 03/2018 of C+, is among the global leaders in the development and sale of digital imaging solutions. The company offers solutions in connection with photography, film, multifunctional print and cop systems, printing for the graphic design industry, software with workflow solutions to optimise internal communication processes within the company, cloud-based services and apps, and services.

  • 😢 Excluded due to animal testing beyond statutory specifications (see also Sustainability Report 2017)
  • 😊 Signing of the UN Global Compact in January 2017
  • 😊 All products fulfil European RoHS directive (CE labelling to limit hazardous substances in electrical devices)
  • 😢 Penalties or warnings by various financial supervision authorities due to inappropriate procedures in the takeover of Toshiba Medical Systems
  • 😊 Upward potential with regard to the management of employee rights and working conditions in the supply chain

[Alexander Osojnik]


Canon Inc.
Sustainability Report 2017
– MSCI ESG, ISS-oekom

NBIC Bank N.V.
Equator Principles
– MSCI ESG, ISS-oekom 

Sunrun Inc.
– MSCI ESG, ISS-oekom



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