Best of Erste AM Investment Blog 2016

Best of Erste AM Investment Blog 2016
Best of Erste AM Investment Blog 2016
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The last year 2016 was full of surprises also on the capital markets. Most asset classes could finish the year with a solid plus. We have analyzed, which blogs were the most popular in the last year.

In total 98 blogs were posted and we had 96,861 clicks. Among the most popular topics you can find:

  1. Brexit becomes reality – markets under pressure (24.6.) – Peter Szopo
  2. Turkey’s coup attempt (18.7) – Sevda Sarp
  3. Brexit or secular stagnation? (17.6.) – Gerhard Winzer
  4. Yield opportunities of East European bonds still intact (25.5.) – Paul Severin
  5. Trumponomics (10.11.) – Gerhard Winzer

To improve the readability especially for the mobile version we introduced new features for the Erste AM Investment Blog. For example the blog-pictures now includes the headline and you can now rate the blog and give feedback to the author.

Another feature that became very popular are the surveys. On average about 185 persons are participating in these surveys. The results reflect very well the current view on a specific issue, although the reality differs sometimes significantly from the poll. This was especially true in the case of the US election.

The most popular surveys in 2016 were:


Amount of Yes-Votes

Amount of No Votes

Will Donald Trump be the new US-president? (24.10.-8.11.)



Will there be a year-end equity rallye? (30.11. – 14.12.)



Will the British Pound continue to weaken given the Brexit vote?  (10.10. – 21.10.)



The OPEC has decided to reduce the oil production. Will oil prices continue to increase until the year-end? (30.9.-23.10.)



Will the Fed increase the base rate in 2016? (12.9. – 16.9.)



Thank you very much for reading and participating in our Blog!


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